Carbon Forestry

trees representing long-term, physical removal and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Carbon Forestry Consultancy

  • Accurate land eligibility assessments.
  • GIS mapping to maximise registered areas for application.
  • Maximise carbon sequestration and New Zealand Unit (NZU) allocation for planting and silviculture.
  • Minimise post harvest liability and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) administration costs.
  • Afforestation Grant Scheme, Permanent Forest Sink Initiative, Erosion Control Funding Programme and Regional Council funding consultancy.

Field Measurement Approach (ETS Forestry Inventory)

  • Highly experienced in both exotic and indigenous FMA inventory
  • Conversion of FMA data collected in Plotsafe to the xml schema accepted by MPI
  • Conversion of old Plotsafe templates into Commitment Period 3 templates
  • Training and Auditing for FMA inventory.
  • Interpine undertakes the FMA for major forest managers as well as smaller clients.

ETS Administrative Support

  • Manage your ETS account as an authorised representative to the Minsitry of Primary Industries and assist with tasks where specialised expertise is required.
  • Post-1989 registrations and Pre-1990 deforestation.
  • Mandatory and Voluntary Emissions Returns
  • CAA Applications
  • FMA Submissions

Financial Modelling

  • For those considering joining the ETS, our ‘carbon calculator’ can be used to estimate NZU allocation and potential returns from the scheme.

Carbon Compliance, Auditing and Valuation Assessments

Ownership transfers under ETS for land registered in ETS including forestry rights, forest sales, change in trustee(s), succession transfers

NZU Trading

Accredited to buy and sell NZU’s on behalf of clients.

Out in Industry

Customer Feedback

Custmer Feedback

Interpine Achieves 100% Quality Rating for National LUCAS Carbon Inventory

Interpine has completed its 3rd year of a 5 year program to measure New Zealand's National Plantation Forestry Carbon Inventory.   Plots have been established or re-measured across the country since 2007 and this current program is the 3rd year of a 5 year program, on...

Interpine Plays Key Role in Making the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program Reach 5 Year Milestone

Interpine's Roles in the VFMP Interpine was recently invited by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to attend the open day to commemorate the successful completion of the first 5 years of the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program (VFMP)....

LUCAS – National Pre-1990 Forest Inventory Survey 2015

Interpine is working with the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) on a planted forest inventory system for carbon monitoring. The first planted forest measurements were completed in 2007 and 2008 (post-1989 forests) with further surveys in 2010 (pre-1990 forests) with...

Edge Trees – An Important Consideration for Forest Inventory

When comparing edge trees with "normal" trees (found inside a stand) it becomes obvious they can be significantly different.  A generalisation is often that edge trees are shorter and fatter (greater taper) and also tend to have large branching. An edge tree therefore...

Updating the Standard Operating Procedures for the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program

Background Interpine has been working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP - previously DSE and DEPI) on the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program (VFMP) since 2011. Since then Interpine has been involved with DELWP by providing the...

First to Record Accurate Location of Hibbertia devitata in Victoria!

Interpine was contracted by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) to establish and re-measure plots across the state of Victoria, Australia, under the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program. This is a long term project which aims to detect change...

Carbon Soil Sampling Survey of LUCAS Post 1989 Forest

Recently Interpine completed a soil carbon survey for the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) as part of New Zealand's carbon monitoring system, known as the LUCAS programme.   This involved sampling throughout planted forest sites across Northland, Bay of Plenty,...

Interpine Assists with DEPI Victorian Forest Monitoring Program

Interpine have been working with the Department of Primary Industries and the Environment (DEPI) since early 2011. Interpine's focus to date has been on the Forest Monitoring Data Management and Reporting Information System. This is a customized relational database...

Exit the ETS – Wiping your Harvest Liability and Keeping your NZUs

Currently the price of international Kyoto units (called ERUs) are worth substantially less than NZUs, with ERUs priced at $0.34 compared to NZUs at $4 (pricing as at 17/10/2013). Under current ETS rules these ERUs are acceptable replacement units for forest owners...

Comparison of ETS Lookup Tables and FMA Forest Specific Tables

Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) are now releasing formally derived carbon yield lookup tables for participates in the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).   These have been created specific to the forest and forest type based on inventory data collected through the...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Interpine map my forest and register it in the ETS?

Yes, we can manage all administrative and mapping tasks associated with the ETS.  We can submit the paperwork on your behalf or prepare it for you to submit.

I am considering the Afforestation Grant Shceme or the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative. Can you give me some advice about these?

Yes, we have extensive experience with these schemes (amongst others) and can offer personalied advice for your situation.

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.