Harvesting Systems and Value Recovery Services

monitor and realise that standing log value during harvesting and marketing

Harvest System Appraisals

  • Log-making (bucking) Performance and Steming Operations Processing appraisals
  • Productivity Time studies.
  • Secondary Damage and Breakage Assessment.
  • Mechanical Harvesting Performance and Value Recovery Bench marking.

Log Quality

  • Log Quality Conformance to Specifications.
  • Log Upgrade Potential.
  • Structural Log Quality Assessments (Hitman HM200).
  • Skid site assessment of Pruned Log Clear Wood Potential / Resin Defects.

Forest Value Recovery

  • Forest or Stand level reconciliation to predicted standing volume and value.
  • Reconciliation of market influences on actual or projected returns.
  • Post harvest dispute resolution on product yield or volume.
  • Evaluation of opportunities to implement log value incentive payment systems for harvesting operations.

Harvester System Management

  • Setup bucking instruction.
  • Simulate Production Estimates to Validate Bucking Instructions for Optimisation.
  • Install System Security for Prevention of Virus Infection and Operator Control.
  • Value Optimiser Review and Auditing.

Out in Industry

Customer Feedback

Custmer Feedback

Interpine Partners with Planet to Provide Access to High Frequency Satellite Imagery

Having introduced the use of the Planet Satellite Imagery to the forestry sector in 2017, Interpine is pleased to announce we have extended our capability by partnering with Planet to offer support and ease of access to high-frequency, high-resolution satellite...

Automated Cutover Mapping with Satellite Imagery – Case Study

How Interpine helped Pan Pac Forest Products save time and improve the accuracy of harvest reports with high-frequency Planet imagery.  Click here to download PDF version of the full case study.   MONITORING THE FOREST HARVESTING FROM SPACE Led by consultation...

3D Modelling Forest for Harvesting Productivity Studies

An example of structure from motion modelling of a forest just prior to harvest. This is a 3D point cloud generated from drone / UAV camera imagery, which is then used in studying the efficiency and productivity of harvesting operations. It is hard to step back and...

Improving the Modelling of Forest Harvesting through Drones Studies

Developing tree breakage models is a key parameter in the modelling of forest yield.   To model the height at which a stem breaks during harvesting and before log-making can start, allows for correct allocation of recoverable stem volume in which logs can be made...

Watching a Forest be Harvested from Space Using Daily Satellite Imagery

Watch a forest in New Zealand be harvested from space, using the latest in remote sensing technology. Monitoring forest activity is a key element of forest management. Timely information enables better decision making and reconciliation leading to better value...

STICKS Harvesting System – Making a Footprint in Sweden / Finland

Our Harvesting Performance Services manager Ian Wilson is currently in Finland / Sweden looking at better approaches and opportunities to enhance #forest #machinery #training for existing and new operators entering our industry. Learning through simulation is a key...

Simulator Training for Machine Operation

Great to see the next generation of machine operators training in the world leading #forest #harvesting #simulator suite at Toi-Oho-Mai Instution of Technology Rotorua. Interpine have been donating support to this program as part of our harvesting performance systems...

UAV’s and Harvesting Operations

Our #uav team improving value recovery from #forest #harvestingoperations using Esri #fullmotionvideo technology in field studies with DJI #drones. Showing the industry new ways to do previously difficult and time consuming tasks.

STICKS making its way to Canada

Its not (just) about the processor.... Our #STICKS #harvester #woodflow management system now making a splash in #forest harvest in British Columbia #Canada by allowing for better value extraction & woodflow for the forest company, & better productivity...

ForestTech X Conference – Canada

Ian Wilson, our Harvesting Performance Services Manager recently presented alongside Austimber Harvesting contractor Ian Reid and Waratah Managing Director Jules Larsen on the benefits of using forest harvester information at the recent tech transfer ForestTechX...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard operating procedures are focused on safe operation of any of our UAV craft. Pilots undergo rigorous training and certification to operate. Our craft are all fitted with emergency systems such as parachutes and autopilot return to home functionality for any loss of signal between the UAV and the pilot. In the event of an incident our public liability insurances are also endorsed for operating UAVs for all our operations.
We operate a range of normal RGB resolution cameras, as well as a thermal sensor and multispectral NIR.

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