We are proud to have recently purchased the Emesent #Hovermap #Hovermap #LiDAR simultaneous location and mapping #SLAM) solution to better serve our clients. This unit enhances our #forest #inventory, #drone #UAV and LiDAR services providing a glimpse that the future is now as we continue to shape the forests of today with the technology of tomorrow.

From the ground, the unit works as a backpack scanning the surrounding forest completing tree diameter, form, quality and height measurements when combined with Interpine’s innovative LiDAR processing solutions.

From the air on our fleet of #drones the Hovermap collects LiDAR which penetrates vegetation canopies deriving both ground and vegetation #3D models, while also using its own simultaneous location and mapping technology to maintain position and navigate safely avoiding obstacles with or without GPS. Together with Interpine’s CAA 102 certification for beyond visual line of sight flights (#BVLOS), this greatly enhances safety, autonomy and capability of drone operations over forest canopies in challenging terrain.

“We’ve been using Hovermap technology in a series of forestry trials since late 2019 combined with our own customised deep learning algorithms for segmentation and quantitative tree assessment,” said David Herries, Director and GM of Interpine. “We are very impressed with the technology and applaud Emesent’s innovative approach to SLAM based LiDAR systems, developing systems that produce exceptional results which are a game-changer for forest resource assessment and drone-based LiDAR operations”


Interpine’s Chief UAV Pilot, Chris Scoggins using the Hovermap in its backpack format, scanning forest inventory plots during trials in 2020.
Mature radiata pine forest scanned as part of forest inventory trials in 2020 using Hovermap.

Cover image: Charles Chikono, Interpine’s National Inventory Manager using the Hovermap in trials during 2020.