Interpine was contracted by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) to establish and re-measure plots across the state of Victoria, Australia, under the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program. This is a long term project which aims to detect change through a combination of ground based measurement and remote sensing techniques.

The knowledge of the flora of Victoria was a key requirement of the project. Interpine brought together Australian and New Zealand based Botanical service providers to complement our operational staff. Arthur Rylah Institute of Environmental Research (Melbourne) was engaged to verify some of the field identification work.

The Interpine team successfully established 173 plots and identified more than 1200 species across Victoria for the 2013/2014 season. After receiving the team’s pressed species samples, Arthur Rylah Institute botanists discovered that Interpine was the first,

“to give an accurate record of the location of Hibbertia devitata”

Consequently the Arthur Rylah Institute made a request to keep all the specimens submitted alongside the Hibbertia devitata. This was a worthwhile recognition of Interpine’s efforts, so the request was duly granted.


 Map of Victoria showing location