Interpine have been working with the Department of Primary Industries and 101713_2327_interpineas1the Environment (DEPI) since early 2011. Interpine’s focus to date has been on the Forest Monitoring Data Management and Reporting Information System. This is a customized relational database application to store and manipulate the data associated with this project. The design of this database is consistent with VFMP standards, and Interpine has worked with the department to develop a data model to validate and check their data as it collected. In 2013 Interpine have started field operations with the installation and re-measurement of ground survey plots as part of their Victoria Forest Monitoring Program (VFMP).    Many of the procedures are very similar to the New Zealand Land Use Carbon Analysis System (LUCAS) which Interpine have been involved with for the last 8 years.

So what is the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program (VFMP)?

Knowledge of the status of forests on public land in Victoria is fundamental to understanding the status of Victoria’s ecosystems. Plant communities are the foundation for terrestrial trophic webs and animal habitat, and their structure and species composition are an integrated result of biological and physical drivers. Additionally, they play a major role in geologic, geomorphologic and soil development processes. In the face of anthropogenic climate variability, forests also have a global role as potential sinks for atmospheric carbon. Consequently, The VFMP aims to detect change through a combination of ground based measurement and remote sensing techniques. All potential sample ground locations reside statewide on parks/reserves or state forests based on a systematic grid network.


Ground survey operating procedures and project information is available from the DEPI Website. Link: