Online Client Portals

Select your entry point into Interpine’s Clientzone Online Portals depending on your need.  You will be using the same Office 365 login user credentials across all platforms.   If in doubt head through to your client specific team SharePoint site as this is a hub for all data and information housed across the online portals.

Office 365 SharePoint Portal

This is a provided Office 365 workspace for projects, reporting, file storage, video sharing, and discussions.

SQL Reporting Portal

This is provides direct access to Interpines’ SQL Reporting Services Portal for providing access to critical business data.

ArcOnline Portal

This provides direct access to Interpine’s ESRI ArcGIS ArcOnline Portal, providing clients with a rich GIS, mapping and storybook experiences.

Cloud Desktop Portal

This provides direct access to Interpine’s Cloud Desktop Portal, providing clients with a rich Windows Desktop environment available from anywhere.

How do we manage your data?

Providing Secure Access to Your Information

Securing your information and data you host with us is critical and we take security and backup of your information seriously.

Secure SSL encryption is standard across all our services

Industry leading backend services built on enterprise systems

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a query

What is Office 365 SharePoint Online Portal and how is this used ?
Interpine provides you access to a “team” portal within SharePoint.   Find out more about SharePoint Team Sites by clicking here.
How to I login to Interpines' Cloud Desktop Services

Use the link provided above to gaining access to our Cloud Remote Desktop Service.  For more information you can also follow this support article: Connect to forest management cloud remote desktop environment   This will provide information on using ESRI ArcGIS Desktop or Pro, QGIS, PSLog, Office365, Atlas GeoMaster and much more in a remote desktop workstation environment available from anywhere.

How do I gain access to the STICKS Harvester Online Portal ? Is this a different Login ?
Sticks Harvester information login security information is currently separate from our Office 365 user credential integration.   You can access your STICKS Online Portal using the following URL https://<company>   Replace <company> with your company specific short reference name.   If you don’t have this please contact us using the support form below.
What is my login ?
You login name will typically be in the format of
What if i have forgotten my username or password?
For security, we don’t currently provide a password reset facility.  Please complete the support form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your details.
Reports Portal will not accept password, but i can login to SharePoint and ArcGIS Portal
If your password is not being accepted on our reports portal site, but seems ok as you can access the SharePoint Office 365 Portal and/or ESRI ArcGIS Portal then contact our support and we will action a password reset to correct this.

Touch Base and Ask for Help

Contact our team if you would like more information on our range of Clientzone services, or are having trouble with gaining access.