(Yield Table Generator)

Forest yield analysis software for precision forestry

Yield Table Generator

YTGen is software for generating yield estimates in a production forestry context.  It combines the process of growing and projecting tree volumes with log bucking alogorithms to model tree merchandising through to log products.

YTGen provides the function for generating yields by taking a  sample forest inventory, applying height and DBH Regression to the sample, projecting volume and taper and estimating breakage and stumpage.

YTGEN is owned and licensed by Silmetra Limited, who jointly with Interpine provide training courses and is actively used by Interpine.

Key Design Philosophies

  • Do a few things well: grow trees, cut them up and add them up.
  • Separate yield generation from inventory data collection.
  • Separate yield generation from decision support.
  • Integrate well with upstream and downstream processes.

Data Inputs and Outputs

YTGEN prepares data from a number of common sources (such as MARVL) and converts it to a YTGEN Population File.  Combined with cutting strategies and a method reference file (models), these produce outputs from basic population yields through to detailed log output.

There are customised output formats for decisions support tools like FOPLI and Woodstock.

YTGEN currently  runs on Windows 95 through to Windows 8 with independent applications also provided.

Out in Industry

Customer Feedback

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Mastering Forest Yield with YTGEN and PlotSafe – Upcoming 3 Day Course May 2024

A Three-Day Comprehensive Course In the ever-evolving field of forestry, staying ahead means continuously sharpening your skills and knowledge. This May, we’re offering a unique opportunity for forestry professionals to do just that. Our Three-Day Comprehensive...

Using AI for Quantifying Windthrow or Toppled Trees

Using AI to detect windthrow or toppled trees and quantify damage across a stand can allow forest managers to understand the next steps. In this example, a heatmap on the damaged windthrown stems per hectare is provided using down-tree detection using deep learning....

Case Study Results from use of Emesent Hovermap for Forest Inventory

Our Remote Sensing Consultant, Sam West recently spoke alongside Jan Rombouts from One-Forty-One Plantations at ForestTech 2022 conference in February. Catch up on how Ultra-Dense LiDAR Point Clouds collected using Mobile LiDAR systems like the Emesent Hovermap are...

Operational Immersive Visualisation and Measurement of Dense Point Cloud Data in Forest Inventory

Interpine starts a new 2-year project working with Forest Wood Products Australia on operational immersive visualisation and measurement of dense point cloud data in forest inventory.   This new project extends on work started in 2016, and involves working alongside...

Virtual Reality Forest Inventory – Tree Quality Assessment – May 2019 Update

Full Forest Inventory Tree Assessment using Virtual Reality (VR).   Data is collected using LiDAR and then field assessment is done within Virtual Reality.     Another iteration in the development of field assessment using VR using a point cloud collected from above...

3D Modelling Forest for Harvesting Productivity Studies

An example of structure from motion modelling of a forest just prior to harvest. This is a 3D point cloud generated from drone / UAV camera imagery, which is then used in studying the efficiency and productivity of harvesting operations. It is hard to step back and...

Improving the Modelling of Forest Harvesting through Drones Studies

Developing tree breakage models is a key parameter in the modelling of forest yield.   To model the height at which a stem breaks during harvesting and before log-making can start, allows for correct allocation of recoverable stem volume in which logs can be made...

ForestTech X Conference – Canada

Ian Wilson, our Harvesting Performance Services Manager recently presented alongside Austimber Harvesting contractor Ian Reid and Waratah Managing Director Jules Larsen on the benefits of using forest harvester information at the recent tech transfer ForestTechX...

Forest LiDAR – What Are We Looking At

So what are LiDAR point clouds? Our team look at and analyze this type of data to regenerate estimates of forest yield. But not many foresters actually get to look and see the detail behind all the numbers. Want to enjoy the fascination and immerse yourself in a...

Using Drones / UAV for 3D Modelling Forest Tree Structure

The Interpine #UAV #Drone continue to innovate around the use of structure from motion 3D modelling. In this case we show some examples of modelling tree structure and resulting stem volume / form, which are important in the forest yield modelling calculations. Doing...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard operating procedures are focused on safe operation of any of our UAV craft. Pilots undergo rigorous training and certification to operate. Our craft are all fitted with emergency systems such as parachutes and autopilot return to home functionality for any loss of signal between the UAV and the pilot. In the event of an incident our public liability insurances are also endorsed for operating UAVs for all our operations.
We operate a range of normal RGB resolution cameras, as well as a thermal sensor and multispectral NIR.

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