Fieldworker Drone Ready to Fly Kit

Interpine can provide the gear, training, and ongoing support for you to get the job done. Let our experienced staff take the guesswork out of setting up a UAV/Drone for your organisation. We kit you out with the same proven gear that we use daily, supplying you with a field-work ready UAV that is up to the task of operating in a forest environment. We also provide ongoing technical support to help with any trouble shooting or repairs that may be needed.

Selecting the Right Equipment

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced CAA CAR102 UAV (drone) operators, Interpine has a wealth of technical experience when it comes to drones. We understand the unique requirements of operating in the forestry environment, and we work with range of suppliers including New Zealand’s official DJI supplier Ferntech to source the ideal equipment. Drone technology is rapidly evolving and staying on top of the best tools for your job can be difficult. Here are some of the drones we recommend for field workers:

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise has found its place in the field as an enterprise level  solution for eye in the sky operational work and aerial survey mapping applications.   Operating the latest DJI Pilot software for terrain following flight planning, packed with a zoom camera and global shutter for seeing every detail.

DJI Mavic Air 2S

For those wanting an eye in the sky, when supervising operations.  Providing a cost-effective solution for eye in the sky operational monitoring, and those wanting basic small aera mapping functionality through third party apps.  Small enough to always be carried with you just when you need that extra vantage point in the sky.

Having the Right Skills for the Job


Interpine is an experienced provider of UAV training, covering everything from basic 101 certification to advanced flight skills. Our course sets the industry standard, and we have trained over a hundred successful UAV operators. Learn from the best in the business, and leave the course with the skills and confidence to get the job done.

CAA CAR 101 Wings Badge Certification

DJI Core Flight Skills and Safe Operating Procedure Awareness

No need to buy a craft before the training, come and fly ours to decide what best suits your needs

Advanced training available nationwide for mapping and automated flight

Ongoing Support and Troubleshooting

We don’t just start you flying then wish you luck, we are available via phone, email or in person for technical support and troubleshooting. We can ensure you are flying successfully, and getting the right kind of data for your outputs.

Hardware Support

Full manufacturer support with direct connection to technical support teams at Ferntech.

3rd Party App Training

Understand how to use additional software apps for your DJI drone to achieve your task needs. Be it mapping or geolocating points of interest.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular maintenance will ensure your drone keeps doing its job.   

Backup Drone Services

Too much on? Get in touch and our UAV team can step in and help keep the deliverables going.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want to know more, here is some of those quick answers to your common questions, else contact us if you want to know more.

Who is the Introductory UAV / drone course for?

The course is for professionals across a wide range of industries with a forestry / fire / industrial focus. Whether you’re managing company policy around drone implementation or a supervisor / harvest contractor wanting to take advantage of drone technology this course will ensure you get started on the right foot. The course is not intended for general public / hobbyists.

What is a Wings Badge?

This is a UAV (drone) Pilot Proficiency Certificate issued in New Zealand under the authority of a Civil Aviation Rules Part 141-Certified Organisation. It states that you have an understanding of Regulations and Operator Conduct and have reached a level of proficiency flying your drone. A Wings Badge allows you to fly in more locations and is the certificate you will need to get drone insurance for your business.

Does my Wings Badge expire?

No, not if you are only operating under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101. If you operate under Part 102 you will need to complete an Operational Competency Assessment annually.

Do I need any prior experience to attend the course?

No. We cater for all levels of experience from beginner and up. Our groups are small enough that you can learn at your own pace and we’re there to assist you all the way.

What content does the course cover?

The course has a focus on risk management, flight planning, and meeting certification requirements under Civil Aviation Authority rules. Whilst flying a drone may seem straight forward, the course will show you many ways you can go wrong, and teach you what to do in these situations. You will gain all of the knowledge required to safely manage a drone operation within your company (or for that matter, coming up with a policy to manage subcontractors who want to use drones).

What is the format for the course?

The course is 5 days, and you will be flying hands-on from day one! Monday and Tuesday are practical flight days covering craft features but also how to look after your craft. Wednesday and Thursday are theory based including the regulations and use of aircraft radio. Friday is flight test day with plenty of opportunity for additional practise.

Who are the instructors on the course?

The course is hosted by Interpine and our instructors lead the practical flying sessions. All Interpine instructors are professional drone pilots with Part 102 certification. Our guest instructors from Massey University School of Aviation will lead the theory section of the course and provide the flight testing to issue your Wings Badge.

How many students are there per course?

Minimum of 10 and maximum of 12. We have small groups with 3-4 students per instructor for the practical sessions.

Where is the course held?

All courses are held in Rotorua. Our all-weather training site at Tui Ridge Park in Hamurana, Rotorua is second to none. The theory component is held at our Interpine Head Office in Sala Street, conveniently located near  Rotorua Airport for your visit to the Rotorua Control Tower.

Does Interpine offer a South Island course?

Yes, we can offer courses in the South Island as required. Get in touch to find more. 

What if the weather forecast is bad for my course week?

At our training venue we have access to a world-class gymnasium. This indoor facility means we will be flying rain or shine. The outdoor activities are flexible and we can schedule those around the weather.

Can I bring my own craft?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring along your own DJI drone. This allows you to become familiar with your own equipment under the guidance of our instructors. You can get more practise time if you have your own craft and you will benefit from having the craft for revision etc.

Do I have to bring my own craft?

No, Interpine have several drones available for you to use. Try ours and see which craft best suits your business needs.

Can I order a craft kit and collect it on the course?

Yes, this is a really good way to start off on the right foot. We will discuss with you beforehand which type of craft will best suit your business needs and tailor a package accordingly. Benefit from our experience and avoid all of the pitfalls associated with purchasing equipment you’re not yet familiar with. We will set your craft up ready to fly, then teach you how to fly it.

What time does the course start / finish?

The course starts at 9am on Monday.

On flight test day (Friday), the flight test order will be a priority system whereby those that are constrained by travel will have first choice on when to sit the flight test.  If you are travelling by air a flight home mid-afternoon or later on Friday should be fine.

What accommodation options are there near the course venue?

We recommend staying in town, there are many motels / hotels etc close to our office (located on Sala Street) which is also reasonably central to other facilities etc. Accommodation is available at Tui Ridge if you prefer but it is quite isolated out there.

Will I need my own transport during the course?

You will need a car to get to Tui Ridge, there are no public transport options available. Tui Ridge is approximately 30 minutes drive from town.

Is catering provided on the course?

Morning tea and lunch will be provided. If you have specific dietary requirements let us know on the course booking form and we will be in touch to determine how this can best be achieved.

How is the course assessed?

There are three parts to the course assessment: a practical flight test, a discussion/short answer session and an online multi-choice test.

What is the flight test like?

The flight test is in two parts, general handling skills indoors and an outdoors session covering emergency situations. The flight test takes  approximately 30 minutes to complete. Craft prep for flight, safety and airmanship are important components of the test, it’s not just about pure flying skill. 

What if I fail the test?

You can re-sit the test again within 6 months, you’re welcome to join us for flight test day on another course. There’s no pressure to sit your test during your course either, if you don’t feel you’re ready you can postpone for later. There is plenty of time for additional practise on flight test day though, and our instructors will be there to assist you.

What does the course cost?

Please contact us for current pricing.

Is support available after the course?

Yes! The Part 101 Wings Badge course is just the beginning of your journey. We can provide you with assistance and advice as you adopt the technology in your company.

Interpine can provide Part 102 UAV services to compliment your operations under Part 101 and for those applications where more specialised equipment is required.

We also offer an Advanced UAV course – learn how to successfully plan, fly and process a mapping mission and to use other apps like Tag Pilot.

Build the Business Case for Deployment

Maximize the Opportunity and Benefit of Your Own Drone

When considering the purchase of your own drone for fieldwork, often the question is asked what the cost / benefit is in all the training and hardware vs using a professional service.   If you would like to understand this across your business before you take the leap, get in touch and discuss the options and organize some trials of the technology with our team.   You can also download this useful white paper to help with discussion.