universal data collection software

DataPlus - a data collection tool

DataPlus® is a Microsoft Windows-based application generator and or host, that allows for fast customized data collection for DOS and Windows-CE based mobile computers.



DataPlus lets you operate and/or build applications that mimic clipboard data sheets, and gives advanced users the ability to write your own custom user programs.


DataPlus supports both DOS, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Mobile portable computers.   The same application runs on either without user modification with one interface for all your data collection software.


System Requirements

IBM Compatible PC: Windows 95, NT4.0, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 with SVGA Graphics, 8M RAM & 4M hard drive space (*Vista, Win7, Win8 require a 3rd party DOS software installed to allow testing of applications in DOS and the OS).

DOS Portable Computer: DOS 3.1 or greater, 640K RAM

WinCE Portable Computer: HPC or Pocket PC Type with WinCE 3.x or higher, Strong-Arm, XScale or x86 Processor (including Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.5

More Functions
  • You design and test the application on your desktop PC then transfer it to your hand held.
  • The software consists of familiar user-friendly set up screens.
  • Accommodates a combination of keyboard and external device input, custom screen layouts, data error checks  and data entry types.
  • File transfer software to communicate with both DOS and Windows CE.
More Features
  • Depending upon memory, up to 255 applications may reside on portable, computer at one time.
  • Multiple data levels – up to four data levels with up to nine branches for each level, 250 columns
  • Remap keys to suit different  devices
  • Write “C” like programs for custom calculations, data manipulation and report printing
  • User defined data entry types, constant data displays, error checks, flow controls, and data formats.
  • Robust data conversion features to either XBASE DBF or ASCII formats.
  • External device input can be accommodated for any RS232C (including Bluetooth), linking most electronic devices like eg GPS receivers – smart barcode wands and scanners – digital calipers – electronic balances and scales – RF tag receivers – laser rangefinders – water quality multi probes.
  • Windows Mobile functions that include four different levels of touch screen support to suit devices from full keyboard to touch screen input only.
  • Includes integrated communications package for transfer of data for both DOS and Windows handheld devices.
  • Detailed User Manual included.

Out in Industry

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Pre-version 3 App” compiling Warning Message

Posted - 26/09/2007 :  09:56:06   Hi, when I open a dataplus application I get the error "One or more DPC programs are pre-version 3. These programs should be recompiled with the latest version of DPCEdit in order to avoid potential problems on the hand-held" But...

Using DOS BOX in Windows Vista to Test Apps Update: 07/09/2007

Some users have upgraded to Windows Vista and will want to still continue develop and test DataPlus Applications. You will have no problems developing the applications, but using the inbuilt TESTING tools will cause you to arrive at an error message (i.e. using the...

Always Fullscreen DOS View When Testing APPS

Posted - 19/01/2007 :  09:24:08   When testing your DP programs in windows, is there a way to make the dos screen a window as apposed to fullscreen? I have modified the properties of the dos window to open as a window but it never listens and always opens full...

Multiple Item Picklist?

Posted - 16/01/2007 :  13:06:36   I need the user to pick multiple items for a field. Do I have to have a separate field for each item with a yes no or is there an easier way. Thanks Tony ----------- Tony Wilson DataPlus User Posted - 17/01/2007 :  04:01:27...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a possible to build a DataPlus application to log GPS points, say at 10 second intervals as well as have the ability to bring in other serial data from another com port at the same time?
Without testing this, it would seem possible. Dataplus can be run unattended to collect information. Note that this information is just the GPS points from the NMEA string and will not be able to be post-processed.

There are four types of serial input. Standard Input, Streaming Input, Auto Polled Input, and Manual Polled Input.

Using a combination of these depending on the devices together with the line feed should enable the feature you are after.

Line Wrap
Line Wrap

Mike from Elecdata might have further suggestions.

What camera sensors are available on our UAV's?
We operate a range of normal RGB resolution cameras, as well as a thermal sensor and multispectral NIR.

Interpine Welcomes the Juniper Archer 4: A New Era in Field Data Collection

This month, Juniper Systems has made an exciting announcement that’s set to revolutionize field data collection – the launch of the Juniper Archer 4. As the newest member of the esteemed Archer/Allegro family, the Archer 4 Rugged Handheld is designed with the demands...

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Planet Monitoring Satellites used for Water Quality Monitoring and Online Portal Upgrade

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Te Awahōhonu Cyclone Gabrielle Impact Analysis: A GIS Case Study

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LiDAR / Carbon Internship Summer 2023-2024

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