Cloud Services for Forest Management

take your data with you from the office to the field

Cloud Services for Forest Management

In a remote desktop environment  your staff will gain secure access to powerful industry tools on our high speed servers.  This means that you can have the power of advanced software tools common to large corporate forest companies without the complication and expense of setting up and maintaining software and hardware systems.



Small or fragmented forest management teams can access stand records, maps and harvesting production data anywhere with an internet connection.

Forestry managers (of all size) have the ability to maintain an easily query-able store of all forest stand records and log scales, including curretn status of the forest and the historical events within the GEOMaster record system.

Client Software

Clients can access data when and where needed whether it is Microsoft Office 365, ATLAS applications, Maps or Harvest and Inventory Data applications.

Key Functions
  • Central repository of all forestry related information
  • GEOmaster stores a complete history of events in the forest
  • Full integration with ArcGIS or use with ATLAS GIS Manager
  • Manage your whole estate, including reserve areas, risks, assets and riparian zones
  • Cable harvest planning tools
  • Log scales tracking and distribution, and invoicing with PS Log Harvest Information System
  • Yield projection and analysis using FFR Forecaster and/or YTGEN
  • Access to the latest mircosoft office suite for seamless analysis, export and review the data
  • provisions of base layers of GIS Information to overlay with your own forests
  • Multiple monitor support for ease of viewing GIS datasets
  • Cloud file storage
  • Easy and quick reporting on stand maps, MPI NFED reporting, ETS reporting, harvest information reporting and invoicing
Client Software Options
  • ATLAS GeoMaster, Harvest Manager, Document Manager, SilviQC, Yield Table Manager.
  • ATLAS GIS Manager, and Permanent Sample Plot Manager.
  • Cable Harvest Planning Solution.
  • ESRI ArcMap Desktop
  • FFR Forecaster
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • PlotSafe Forest Inventory Data Capture
  • PSLog Harvesting Information System
  • Roadeng
  • SOTI MobiControl Smart Device Manager
  • STICKS Harvest and Woodflow System

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Managed Service for Infield Electronic Data Capture of Vegetation Data Collected by DOC

We are excited to be working with the Department of Conservation (DOC) on the development of a Managed Service for infield electronic data capture of vegetation data collected by DOC for the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) Land Use Carbon Analysis System (LUCAS)...

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Simulator Training for Machine Operation

Great to see the next generation of machine operators training in the world leading #forest #harvesting #simulator suite at Toi-Oho-Mai Instution of Technology Rotorua. Interpine have been donating support to this program as part of our harvesting performance systems...

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Its not (just) about the processor.... Our #STICKS #harvester #woodflow management system now making a splash in #forest harvest in British Columbia #Canada by allowing for better value extraction & woodflow for the forest company, & better productivity...
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