Some users have upgraded to Windows Vista and will want to still continue develop and test DataPlus Applications. You will have no problems developing the applications, but using the inbuilt TESTING tools will cause you to arrive at an error message (i.e. using the “test button” from the application toolbar). This is caused by Microsft no longer supporting the DOS operating system emulator within Microsft Windows Vista.

There is a workaround that has worked for me in the first instance, although suggest the software designers for DataPlus will release a version to avoid having to do this in the future.

Steps to Use DosBox Software Emulator to run your application in a test environment.

1. Install DOS Box (free download from
2. Open C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.70\dosbox.conf file using Notepad
3. At the bottom of the file add the following lines under:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
Mount c “c:\dataplus professional\”

4. Now open DOSBox from the start menu and it will automatically start the DataPlus test application with last application which you tried to test (using the toolbar “test” button). Probably best to put a shortcut on the desktop to start DOSBox as you will want to close it between tests.

Another option is to use a Windows PocketPC (Mobile 5 or 6) Emulator
For those users also wanting to test their application in Windows Mobile 5 or 6 on your PC during development, you can also use the free Emulator available from Microsoft to view your applications like they would be on a Windows Mobile Device without having to move it to your handheld device each time, example below:

Download Link to Microsoft Website:

David Herries
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Posted – 08/09/2007 :  02:11:10


The next major version of DataPlus will not be providing DOS support, so the issue with the DOS test program will be moot. There will be a Windows-based PC-side test utility to take its place.

However, don’t hold your breath – there is currently no release date forecast for the project, but it is under development.

Mike (USA)