If you are trialing our services, there are a few things you should know.  Firstly by signing up for a trial you have signed a trial agreement.   This outlines your basic obligations in using this environment only for trialing the software and not for production use.   It also has outlined you are aware any data provisioned for the purposes of demonstration within the trial environment is confidential, even if it is fictional in nature.   Trial periods are a maximum of 10 days.
Playing with ATLAS GeoMaster
You have access to a large dataset of some several thousand hectares of forest land.   This data has been played with and although represents a true forest data has been altered to ensure that this information is not accurate.   The GeoMaster environment is customized in a manner for this type of forest owner.   Many of the events and data collection fields have been customized through the lookups and field properties being edited.   This level of customization of GeoMaster is one of the core features, but you must be aware when operating it as a trial that what you see is not the complete solution look and feel for your business.   See further detail in GeoMaster manual, as you can further customize this within the trial environment.  You would have been set up with a single temporary 10 day ArcGIS Basic license so you can access the full features of GeoMaster.
Reviewing the Trial Dataset:
  1. Open ArcGIS Basic
  2. Select Trial_BaseMap.mxd from G:\Trial
  3. From the GeoMaster toolbar with the <GeoMaster> Menu and select Connect.GeoMaster ArcGIS ToolBar
  4. GeoMaster will appear.
  5. Have a play..
Because you’re not yet trained in GeoMaster and ArcGIS interaction there are a couple things to be aware of:
  • Selecting large amounts of patches in GeoMaster will select large amounts of patches in ArcGIS. This can be time-consuming and resource intensive (it will take a while to select every patch in an entire 50,000ha forest in ArcGIS for instance).   For this reason GeoMaster will prompt you to be aware when greater than 50 patches patches will be selected as shown below.  If you even get this best approach is to select NO unless that is explicitly what you want to do.
  • You can operate GeoMaster without connection to ArcGIS.  This is great if all you doing is planning, scheduling and recording non-GIS events.   So if you get a “you have no ArcGIS license available” because we only allocate one trial ArcGIS license for our trial environment you can just startup GeoMaster directly and get into using it without the Maps attached.   Map creation and GIS events will not be available but all other functionality will be.
  • To view both GeoMaster and ArcGIS on the same screen use the Windows + <Left> and Windows + <Right> to get each application to occupy half the screen.


Playing with PSLOG

You have access to a small demostration dataset within PSLog.   This represents more of a woodlot manager than a large forest owner.   This data has been played with and although represents a true forest data has been altered to ensure that this information is not accurate.  Currently the wharf and mill stocks module is not active within the trial mode.

Reviewing the Trial Dataset:

  1. Open PSLogPSLog_Samples.PNG
  2. Have a play..

Playing with PlotSafe

You have access to a some example field inventory files collected in PlotSafe.   These are real although altered Pre-harvest inventories on P.radiata stands.    You also have access to the Overlapping Feature Cruising and FMA Procedures Documents in Templates.

Reviewing the Trial Datasets

  1. On G:Drive you will find the sample data under PlotSafe Samplesplotsafe_samples.PNG

Playing with YTGEN

When installing YTGEN it also comes with a sample dataset for you to become familar with the software.   This has been made available below.

Reviewing the Trial Datasets in YTGEN

  1. In G:\Trial\YTGEN Samples you will find the sample dataytgen_samples.PNG
  2. To just get started open up the Test1.ytl file and select the “Play button” to run the yield request.ytgen_samples2.PNG
  3. Review the Report tab to look at the results.  ytgen_samples3.PNG
  4. Have a play … (YTGEN has a comprehensive help file which should help you through understanding it’s features).