As a forest manager using our cloud services, you can use Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint to set up folders for contractors to access information or just provide them with a link to a place to upload their data or files.   For example, you might have a harvest contractor and want to share with them all the files related to their current harvest setting (maps, plans etc).  Here is a quick set of video walkthrough’s using Microsoft 365 OneDrive or SharePoint document folders to do this.  This also includes what it looks like for the contractor on the other side, what do they receive and how do they get access to the folder or upload a file.

This quick series of videos cover how to use OneDrive / SharePoint file and folder sharing when working with outside parties (not just contractors).  To review Microsoft 365 training centre for file and folder sharing follow this link.

I have separated them into small chunks as you might want to share with external users to show them how to access the files.

And now at the contractor end, this is what it looks like for him to access the folder, bookmark it for later access and shows you how the security works when selecting “specific people” option for sharing files.

Another approach is just to provide the contractor with a simple link to upload files to.  In this case, you can use Microsoft 365 Request Files option (click the link to learn more).

Microsoft 365 is part of our Cloud Services included in the Remote Desktop Services provided for managing your forestry assets across your team.