Interpine maintains SafeTree Certification as part of our commitment to ensuring a culture of safety, and well-being across our operations.  Certification demonstrates your professionalism to our clients and provides a benchmark that allows us to continue the development of our health and safety systems to ensure they keep evolving as we discover new risks and new technology to help make our workplace a safer place.  We see the safety culture program as a great mechanism to initiate and develop our safety dialogue across our teams, with practical tools that make a difference on the ground.

Safetree is run by the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC), a pan-industry body set up to lead harm prevention efforts in forestry. FISC includes representatives of forest owners, forest managers, contractors, farm foresters, ACC, WorkSafe, unions and workers.  People from across the sector are involved in developing its initiatives.  The SafeTree scheme was designed in consultation with the regulator, WorkSafe, and with extensive input from the industry.