PSLOG is used by many of our users inside our Cloud Remote Desktop Service.  Some users have reported an issue where they get an error message when exporting some of the PSLOG reporting to EXCEL.  This could appear as an OLE Error message such as shown below.  The issue has arisen at some stage when the system has forgotten your stored Microsoft 365 credentials. Remember all Microsoft Office 365 apps are now licensed through individual user sign-in.

If you experience this issue you can resolve it by one of the following methods:


  • Open Excel
  • If you are presented with this, click sign in

  • Sign in with your Microsoft 365 credentials (If Interpine arranged your M365 license it will be the same as your remote desktop login)
  • Tick and  click Yes to allow my organisation to manage my device.  This setting is for trusting the mobile device or desktop and allows your credentials to be stored so you don’t have to sign-in each time. It doesn’t give your organisation access to your emails or personal data.

  • Sign out of the remote desktop from the start menu option and back in to apply these settings (clicking X in the top status bar won’t sign out immediately)


At step 2 if you don’t get the Microsoft 365 sign-in prompt but instead a message in the Excel status bar “COULDN’T VERIFY ACCOUNT” or “UNLICENCED PRODUCT” or “THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT ACTIVATED”

  • Sign out of Excel

  • Sign out of the remote desktop

  • Sign back into the remote desktop and follow the steps in METHOD 1

If you still experience issues with this please contact our support team directly here.