The Hawkes Bay Forestry Group has released the findings of their post-Cyclone Gabrielle Woody Debris Assessment, encompassing the coastal areas and significant catchments of Hawke’s Bay. In this study, our team utilized Planet satellite data which has available within a few days of the event in conjunction with the line intersect sampling (LIS) methodology on the ground. This determined the proportion of wood debris type within the large woody debris. The results revealed that approximately 48% of the debris consists of plantation pine, while willow or poplar accounted for 38%, with the balance being a mixture of native and other species, including post wood.  The proportion of LWD with evidence of plantation pine harvest residue (commonly known as slash) origin is at 4%.

The imperative of this report lies in the establishment of a standardized and statistically robust methodology to be employed in future events. Look forward to the collaborative efforts of the industry, local government, and research teams to learn from these findings about the wood source in catchments and prepare for significant storm occurrences in the future.

Post Event Woody Debris Assessment – Hawke's Bay 2023 Report Cyclone Gabrielle

Post Event Woody Debris Assessment – Hawke’s Bay 2023 Report Cyclone Gabrielle

Download the Full Report:  Post Event Woody Debris Assessment – Hawke’s Bay – Hawkes Bay Forestry Group (

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