As fibre broadband reaches out around the country those in main centers experience fast and reliable internet connections.   Our forests are often in remote locations around the country well away from such luxury of high speed internet connections.   So an often asked question is how fast does your internet connection need to be to use our cloud services?
Well as found by many of our users the requirements are not nearly as much as you would think.    Many have found it fine running off a 3G phone connection, or rural satellite internet services such as FarmSide.   There is not a single answer but by tweaking the “Experience” tab settings in the remote desktop connection application you can easily optimise your experience for your internet performance.
As shown in the screen shot below you are often best to leave it on “Detect connection quality automatically”, but if you are experiencing slow connections then feel free to change to best suit your style of connection.
An additional tweak you can make is to the “Display” tab settings to reduce the depth of colour displayed in the remote desktop session.
Only make these changes if you are experiencing issues with your connection and feel free to contact us if you would like us to review your connection issues.
If you are using Office 365 intergration for file storage in the cloud, almost any internet connection will be fine, as local file sync process occur in the background, and occur within interrupting your productivity.