Interpine server infrastructure powering our cloud environment is continually monitored using eG Enterprise tools manage tools for performance impacts.   A user dashboard is available to display key system parameters allowing users to see current load and system statistics.    This way you can troubleshoot to see if the issue lies with back end servers or your own PC (likely your internet connection).
You can easily see current statistics like number of current network users, and trends of CPU, memory, network traffic and storage access over the last 7 days.  If you would like to access this please use the following link.   Bookmark it for future access !
Note: Timezone of monitoring tools is NZT (UTC+12hr Normal or +13hr DLS).
Tips for Improving Performance
  1. Follow this  FAQ Optimising Settings for Poor Internet Connections
  2. Check your internet speed.
  3. Let us know if you need to upload large datasets to the server as this could be better done through sending a hard-drive to us and we can upload directly.