Interpine has recently made available its device management system for use by our cloud services clients. This allows them to link rugged handhelds computers, tablets and smartphone to our cloud services. These devices can be operating iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone. Interpine have used the system internally for the management of our own devices and are extending this service builds upon our growing list of cloud service applications. So what is it and why?



Real-time Data Access / Online-Offline Data Transfer

By connecting your company’s smart devices this allows the management of these devices just like they are within your own network. Data collection software can be directly downloaded without user interaction and uploaded into backend database systems provide near instant access to data as it is collected. All it needs is an internet connection. No internet connection? Does not matter as when the device is connected it will phone home and sync allowing for online / offline application use. Keep track of all your devices in one place.





Remote Control and HelpDesk

Take our team with you anytime, anywhere. Lower support costs and increase device availability by remotely diagnosing and troubleshooting device issues anytime, anywhere.


Current Example Implementations

GeoMaster Mobile: Sync your Android devices with the latest forest information and GIS datasets out into the hands of field staff without the need for a manual update. Data collected by field users within GeoMaster mobile app is available in real-time or next time the device is connected to WiFi or in cellular reception.

Log Scaling: Deployed within a log scaling yard, Windows Mobile rugged handheld computers are constantly updating backend databases allowing data to be available as soon as a scale load is completed. Push out the latest dropdown lists and templates for users.

Forest Inventory: Update and manage rugged field computers downloading data regularly and avoids delays and concerns around data backup. Push out the latest templates, reference data and dropdown lists for users.

Harvesters and Field Tablets: Update contractor tablets with the latest data harvest area maps and receive data in real-time from harvesters.

How Does this Work?

Interpine uses an industry robust SOTI MobiControl device management suite. Your device can be connected in a few simple steps.



If you would like more information on this service, please feel free to contact our team at