NOTE: For more specific use of document manager and its functionality see ATLAS GeoMaster help documentation.   This FAQ relates to the direct link of Office 365 stored documents to GeoMaster.
GeoMaster allows you to store important links to documents, to allow these documents to be spatially referenced with GeoMaster.   This could be photo’s, contracts, prescriptions, site reports, harvest plans etc.   When using Office 365 as your online document store you will be storing these “links” to these documents and files inside the GeoMaster interface.
The screen shot below shows an aerial photo linked at the forest level.   You can see the URL link is showing its link not to a local file but to a website URL at https://???   This ensures that all users with the correct permissions will have access to your documents (if you just select the local offline copy, other users may not be able to access this).


So how is this done?
Just navigate to your document location and file, and right click to select OneDrive Pro and “COPY LINK”.   This copies the website link to the file to your clipboard which you can simply paste into GeoMaster when inserting a file reference link.


Using Web Portal, this link is also easily copied from the document folder by selecting the 3 dots beside the file name and selecting the URL location link as shown below (it also gives a useful “preview” of your file!).