The Interpine team has recently been working with RNZAF Flight Advisor Service which has been created with NZDF and Aeropath.  It is a simple way pilots can access any of our registered UAV flights simply and easily via Flight Advisor (  Targeting operators (manned and unmanned) flying below 3,000ft AMSL or 1,000ft AGL (whichever is higher) outside of controlled airspace.   You can also review the website app on any type of smart device or PC prior to the flying and review any low-level operations which might be occurring or planned.  Once signed up you can set up a custom advisory area and even look at getting an automated text or email if advisory flights occur within your area, so you only get what you need. This means for our UAV operations we will be phasing out the manual email advisory notifications as we encourage a move to an automated digital system as it provides a more inclusive and accessible standard for users of this airspace.  It is like a weather forecast – but for hazards.  It does not replace any regulatory notification processes and by itself will not prevent an accident but gives you a heads-up of what you may encounter out there.

Safety across the drone industry has been a passion for the Interpine team, especially in remote areas and within the forestry sector. Humans can make mistakes and just like a weather forecast we want to keep them as informed as possible to avoid hazards/risks. This is a great initiative from RNZAF and Aeropath and we have implemented it across all our pilots, increasing the situational awareness outside controlled airspace. It is an industry game-changer for improving advisory for anyone operating at low levels in rural NZ.

Interested, find out the latest using their FAQ from the FlightAdvisorNZ team: Flight Advisor Info & FAQs (

Please note: All sign-up requests will be vetted by the RNZAF.

Here is an example of the ability to review and see planned drone operations via the easy-to-access web interface.   But it is not just about drone operations, but any type of operations that have been advised in uncontrolled airspace at the low levels – manned or unmanned.