Posted – 26/09/2007 :  09:56:06


Hi, when I open a dataplus application I get the error
“One or more DPC programs are pre-version 3. These programs should be recompiled with the latest version of DPCEdit in order to avoid potential problems on the hand-held”

But when I open DPCEdit and go to the App folder there are no dpc files there. How do I fix this error?


Tony Wilson
DataPlus User

Posted – 26/09/2007 :  10:11:45


If there are no DPC files in your application folder, it probably means that you were provided an application from someone else that didn’t include the DPC files for proprietary reasons.

If that is the case, the people that provided you with the application will have to recompile their DPC programs with a post-version 3 Generator to resolve that error.

Did you get your application from someone else?


Mike (USA)

Posted – 05/10/2007 :  09:32:35



Also check for *.RUN files in the C:\DataPlus Professional\Apps\<your application name>\ folder. As this would point out that you have compiled code in your application, and are just missing the source code *.DPC files.

Hope this helps

David Herries
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