The free version of HARVESTNAV is now downloadable and includes a number of new features which have developed from the positive industry feedback and infield testing.

It now supports:

  • aerial imagery
  • the use of an external GPS, like a classic Garmin 60, 62S or 64 via USB, or Bluetooth GPS units This enables the use of HarvestNav on non-GPS enabled tablets.
  • projects are now prompted directly onscreen, with the last project reloading automatically, and tracking started automatically.
  • The GPS tracking can now be controlled by the machine’s ignition as it is switched on or off.
  • map editing is now enabled for supervisors and managers whom would like to have the power of editing/adding GIS layers and annotation.

These features have been designed to minimize the need for manual user input and boost the user acceptance and use. Feedback has been extremely positive from early adopters of version 1.5.

The map editing functionality has been enhanced, allowing forest supervisors and managers to edit harvest plans and adds annotations to the field captured GIS data: there has been some great feedback from non-machine operators in adopting the tablet style software for pre and post harvest planning and inspection.


If you have any more questions or would like to request a demo please contact or