One of the advantages of the Interpine Forest Management cloud system is access from anywhere there is an internet connection. A recent client has been using the system remotely using the Apple iPad, with surprising good results. Providing instant access to their forest records and mapping via a simple mobile phone connection (WWAN) or WIFI. Imagine being able to simply run a PSLog report on latest harvest production deliveries, or updating GeoMaster forest stand record system with the latest harvest area progress while out of the office. All this to save time and make your time more effiecent.

We have recently updated our FAQ cloud support notes with a guide to access the cloud using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Clients for iOS and Android. These will step you through gaining access to the system via your tablet (or phone). Microsoft have released free applications to support this in both the Andriod and Apple App Stores.


Figure 1 – The Forest Management Cloud Remote Desktop Environment as seen via an iPad. Access the keyboard from the top connection bar and use your fingers as a mouse.


Figure 2 – Reviewing a pruning operation in GeoMaster from iOS using an iPad.


Figure 3 – View ESRI ArcMap forest map data via the iPad using the Forest Management Cloud System.


Although possible to use on an iPhone or Smartphone, I would suggest that tablets are the best form factor for screen size to be able to interact in the cloud based environment. We have found the use of the mouse and keyboard simple to adapt to making the system very useable for field staff wanting to gain access to update records and information.

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