PSLog is now available in the Cloud (provided online by way of Cloud Computing SaaS). PSLog has proven itself over the years as an easy to use, reliable and cost effective harvesting and logistics software system. It provides management information that facilitates the control of trading, harvesting and transportation of logs from a forest or group of forests and from a number of harvesting and transport crews. Developed by Forest Production Systems Ltd in Wellington New Zealand, it was originally designed for forest managers, but the information that it records and reports on is just as useful to mill owners, log brokers, harvesting managers, transport operators and logging contractors and it is now used by all of these.


Figure 1 PSLog – Example of maintaining a Harvest Contractor and their rates.

So what is PSLog and why incorporate it into the Forest Management Cloud?

Many in the forestry industry in NZ will know PSLog well as it has become the main software solution for capturing data from the delivery docket for each load of logs produced (outside of corporate forest companies own custom systems). It is able to then reference purchase prices, logging, loading, cartage, management costs and sale prices, storing all of this information for each load. This then becomes key for providing management reports on logging production, log transport, sales and acquisitions, as well as production costs and sales revenue. PSLog also produces customer invoices and buyer created invoices, while linking with an accounting interface to avoid duplication of data entry. Find out more from the PSLog Overview Document.

Having PSLog in the cloud also provides ease of access from multiple work or office locations for companies that are spread geographically.



Figure 2 PSLog – Example data entry screen for dockets. A rapid data entry system allows you to easily reference common sources, products and sales makes entry of docket data very efficient. It is possible to average less than 5 seconds* per load into the computer, fully checked. In many cases the entry of a new load may require only a new docket number and payload to be entered.

Interpine are working closely to link with the Forest Information System ATLAS GeoMaster

Adopting PSLog into our Cloud Services also adds a simplification for users maintaining discrete information systems for forest event and planning information and forest product sales. Interpine are now (July 2013) working to automate the linkages with ATLAS GeoMaster, smoothing out data entry in both systems. For example:

  • harvest planning blocks and settings created in GeoMaster Harvest Manager are replicated within PSLog, and likewise production yield data collected by PSLog is also available inside ATLAS GeoMaster for precise reconciliation.
  • ArcGIS integration means crew locations, product deliveries and harvest progress and production can be visualised by forest managers.
  • Office 365 integration means information reports in common formats such as (EXCEL, PDF and Word) can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, and taken offline and sync’d for infield reference on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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