ATLAS GeoMaster is now available for small to medium forest owners as a cloud computing service (SaaS) provided by Interpine. GeoMaster is a proven forest information system used by large forest owners across New Zealand and Australia. Seamless integration with ESRI ArcMap GIS allows users to perform their tasks using maps (on-screen) to ensure that areas and activities are recorded accurately.

ESRI ArcMap GIS is the leading GIS software available today. Users can select to license, or link existing licenses for ArcGIS for Desktop within Interpine’s cloud computing service. This not only allows for direct linking to Geomaster, but also all the normal functions of the ESRI ArcGIS software such as editing, and formatting of GIS datasets.

The GeoMaster GIS link is managed through an additional toolbar module. This adds the ATLAS toolbar to the ArcMap environment, and the tools and menus it contains provide access to GeoMaster.


Figure 1 The ATLAS Geomaster toolbar in action within ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop within Interpine Cloud Service

An example of the simplicity of the using this integration is the common task of creating stand map. Just selecting the stand map toolbar icon and then selecting a stand, creates a map ready for printing in a matter of seconds.


Figure 2 The common task of creating a stand map is done in seconds using the “Generate Stand Map” tool.


Figure 3 A finished stand map is displayed within the cloud service ready for saving to the user’s local drive or printing to a local printer.

Interpine’s cloud service deployment of GeoMaster and ArcGIS for Desktop also allows use of multiple monitors and therefore expands the workspace available across users screens to allow ease of use for viewing map data and GeoMaster at the same time.


Figure 4 GeoMaster and ArcMap Working on Dual Screen Environment inside the Interpine Cloud Service

For small forest owners, and managers not needing or having the expertise to edit and maintain spatial data layers, there is an option to use ATLAS GIS Manager. This still allows integration with GeoMaster as shown above (creation of stand maps etc), but without the ability to edit spatial GIS data layers. This can be provided by our expert in house GIS team.

If you would more information on this please contact us via our feedback form, or view our Online Cloud Services information.

To download a PDF version of this article :  Interpine – ESRI ArcMap wtih GeoMaster – Overview of Service