ATLAS GeoMaster is now available as a cloud service for small and medium forest and land owners, and managers. It enables the forest manager to easily plan, manage, and report on all activity within a forest and land environment, maintaining a history of all events and changes in area and structure over time and through rotations. Seamless integration with GIS software allows users to perform their tasks using maps (on-screen) to ensure that areas and activities are recorded accurately.

One of the options for this GIS linkage is the use of ATLAS GIS Manager. This allows the users to access, view, pan, select, add layers and presentation, and create stand maps without the need for the more extensive ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop software, and its additional requirement for learning and licensing.


Figure 1 ATLAS GIS Manager, showing the simple GIS viewer with the Geomaster toolbar module loaded.

The ATLAS GeoMaster toolbar is still present, although without editing functions is it limited to: selection of patches and stands, finding stands, plots and patches, viewing stand events, previewing stand reporting, creating stand maps, and creating assessment maps.


Figure 2 ATLAS GeoMaster toolbar functions.

ATLAS GIS Manager is built upon ESRI ArcGIS platform and GIS layers can still be added as required, and order of overlay controlled for presentation purposes. The screenshots below show freely available aerial photography added to the maps view.


Figure 3 Adding in layers with ATLAS GIS Manager

Although very simple in its features and functions, it suits a niche where users do not want the overhead of maintaining expertise in GIS software, but want to visualize their GeoMaster data and access stand, event and assessment maps easily.

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To download a PDF version of this article:  Interpine – ATLAS GIS Mapper with GeoMaster – Overview of Service