Most of NZ’s export logs are scaled and sold in JAS cubic metres. Most involved in the industry will be familiar with JC Ellis and DA Elliot’s publication “Log Scaling Guide for Exporters – FRI Bulletin 221”, which has become the New Zealand standard for JAS scaling. In spite of this most are unaware of the origin of the JAS standard. This short article reviews the original 1967 Japanese Agriculture and Forestry Standards (JAS) document (public notice No 1841, 1967) for the grading and measurement of logs destined for Japan.

Interpine has sourced the “english translation” of this public notice document from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Japan.


For anyone who has read the original 1967 JAS document, will surely agree, it is fairly brief in nature regarding description of measurement procedures, is void of illustrations or diagrams to further clarify text, and clumsy on word use and grammar in the English translation. So it is fair to say there is some degree of interpretation required. Fortunately much of this is filled in for New Zealand log exporters by Ellis and Elliot’s 2001 guide.

Download the Original JAS Standard. JAS Log Scaling Pubic Notice 1841 MAF Dec 8 1967.pdf