During the past five years Interpine Forestry Limited has completed pre-harvest inventory trials and project work for several international forestry companies located in Australia, Brazil and the United States.    Through its close connection with New Zealand Forest Research, Interpine Forestry has been able to soundly demonstrate and implement the benefits of innovative forest management decision support systems such as the MARVL pre-harvest inventory system.

Some of Interpine Forestry’s international clients who have been involved in pre-harvest inventory assessments include, Boise Cascade Corporation (USA) and Sotico Pty Ltd (Australia).    Most of Interpine Forestry’s offshore ventures relating to pre-harvest inventory assessment have involved applying the MARVL system to species not commonly found in New Zealand plantation forests. These have included, douglas fir, ponderosa pine, larch, spruce, eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus regnans and eucalyptus saligna.

Interpine Forestry firmly believes that due to the innovative attributes of the MARVL pre-harvest inventory system (i.e. cruising dictionary independent of cutting strategy and variable sections cruising method), that it offers international forest growers, owners and harvesters a unique measurement system that is unchallenged in flexibility, standing forest value prediction and grade mix prediction accuracy.

Article :   Craig Penfold – Project Manager, Interpine Forestry