Eleven Year 13 students from Rotorua Boys’ High School recently went on a Competenz Discovery Tour at Interpine Innovation – a forest consulting and data management company working across the forestry industry.

“The students were totally engaged and David [Herries – General Manager at Interpine] talked to the students in a way that they could relate to,” says Rotorua Boys’ High School Head of Department Forestry Roy Roe.

“The timing of the tour worked really well for the students because they are coming towards the end of their secondary school life. They are thinking about what they are going to do once school is finished. I’d like to take some Year 12 students on this tour as I think it will benefit them as well.”

Competenz careers advisor Kimberley Ward, who attended the tour, said the students were keen to learn about the business.

“This is a side of forestry the students had not seen before. They now have a better understanding how a company like Interpine can help to maximise a forest owner’s return,” she says.

General Manager and Forest Analyst at Interpine David Herries says it was great to see an enthusiastic group of students interested in careers in forestry.

“As an industry, it’s extremely important that we allow students looking into career pathways to see forestry first-hand,” David says.

“I can only encourage other schools to work with Competenz and forestry businesses. This is something that is not done enough, but I think you will find many of us working in the industry are only too happy to pass on our enthusiasm and passion to the next generation. I welcomed the opportunity to do this.”

The tour is a part of the national Got a Trade campaign – encouraging young people to look into careers in the trades and services industries.


For more information on Got a Trade, please visit the Got a Trade website.