Interpine Launches STICKS!

In co-operation with an Australian based company ForestPHD, Interpine has developed a new cloud based product that improves decision making along the forest supply chain and helps interrogate data collected from mechanized CTL (cut to length) operations.

As the forestry sector in New Zealand and Australia is rapidly moving towards mechanized harvesting, driven by production and safety demands, a huge amount of valuable data will have to be managed. The STICKS cloud based solution is currently the only available system to help process and analyse this data, its biggest advantage being machine manufacturer independent, with no need for any software installation and accessible from anywhere. Interpine is working in closely with NZ’s & Australia’s leading harvesting head manufacturers.


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captureFrequently Asked Questions:

Data Transfer:

  • Most manufacturers offer their custom made solutions for easy transfer to STICKS.   With a simple email with the data files attached information is available for users to report and access online.

Data Security:

  • Interpine understands that your Production Data is very sensitive to your business; therefore we ensure security and integrity when handling your data.
  • With off-site backups and a high-speed data connection we ensure access from anywhere.

Reporting Facilities:

  • The Bucking Report presents a simple summary of the information in a single apt file – useful for reviewing what a machine is using or printing and distributing.
  • The Production Report based on the pri files allows a report from a single production file or production reports can be generated across machines, sites, regions, contractors for a single date or a date range. Production reporting is extended to managing woodflow by allowing reporting by the selection of a week. Drill-through reports allow investigation of log volume by length and diameter classes or actual length and diameter.
  • A Stand Summary can be generated detailing information about trees removed from the stand including diameter distributions of stems harvested – useful for monitoring thinning operations or reconciling against inventory information.
  • Mapping harvested area becomes easy with all tree locations recorded and this summarised into area harvested to date if the machines are being used for cut to length within the forest.
  • The Calibration Report allows quick checking of machine calibration within pre-determined limits and comparison across machines.


  • With staff based in NZ and Australia timely support will be guaranteed if needed.
  • Interpine’s long history in value recovery and optimization.
  • We are the StanForD experts and keeping a close eye on upcoming changes and developments.







If you have any further enquiries or would like to trial STICKS, please contact or