The Timbertech or Logger Tool was developed in the late 90’s to assist a logmaker (log bucker) gain the best value solution from the trees (stems) as they are merchandised into log products. As shown in the video below, a handheld computer is connected to a digital calliper which is used to capture log length and diameter information, while the operator keys in a coded description for sweep and features of the stem like branching or nodal swelling.

Interpine developed the original tools back as early as 1995, then called the ICO tool (Interpine Computer Optimiser). It was then transformed into the Timbertech Logger in 1998.

[A short video of Chris Bridson, one of our Logmaker auditors using the Timbertech]


Here at Interpine we are still using both version 1 and 2 tools for :

  • Logmaker Value Recovery Assessment
    • Audit comparisons of resulting optimal log product combinations vs automated or manual operated mechanised and motor-manual logmakers),


  • Harvest recovery studies (destructive inventory trials)

    This is where they provide an efficient tool for capturing a wide range of data such as:

    • Stem volume and taper model input datasets
    • Stem attributes for cutting plan comparisons to inventory datasets and harvest crew recovery.
    • Breakage and stump lengths.
    • Optimal log product recovery.
    • Havest crew log product recovery


  • 3D stem scaling
    • Scaling for weight conversion factors are required for full tree / stem loads.


  • Contract Logmaking


IFR Technologies (a division of Pocket Solutions Ltd) now resale the Timbertech Logger tools.

For more information on the Timbertech Logger or related services please feel to contact us


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