13 February, 2004

Interpine has just introduced a handheld software application designed to electronically measure and record seedling quality for the forest nursery industry. Data pertaining to delivery batch, box, and seedling can be stored on your handheld computer, then downloaded to a user’s preferred database type, be it EXCEL or ACCESS for example. In addition, with the use of SYLVAC electronic callipers seedling size details can be recorded quickly, efficiently, and safely. The SEEDLING application allows an in-field technician to eliminate paper records and simplify QC work by providing a cost effective way of recording data, providing onsite report summaries, and safely transferred data to a central database in DBF, TXT, or EXCEL formats.

The current application can easily be customised to suit your needs, although three levels of data collection detail currently exist within the SEEDLING application : batch detail, box detail, and seedling detail.

  • Batch Details: Delivery Batch ID, Docket Number, Arrival Date, Audit Date, Auditor, and Comments.
  • Box Details: Box Number, Pallet Number, Box weight, Seed Lot, and Comments.
  • Seedling Details: Tree Number, Root Collar Diameter, Height, Multi Leader Checks, Pod Faults, Rotten Faults, Stem Faults, Auto Root Collar and Height Faults, Other Faults, and Comments.
  • The SEEDLING application is one of many Interpine Forestry has developed for the forest industry based within DATAPLUS (information attached). To enable the SEEDLING software to run one needs a
  • Dataplus license. Dataplus enables one to run the same application on DOS and/or PocketPC, for WinCE 3.0+ handheld computers as well as any Windows PC. Because of the huge amount variability in handheld computers one company may use in relation to the next, Dataplus’s capability to run on various operating systems offers a huge amount of flexibility to the end user.

This would enable one to run the application on any handheld running a Dataplus License, which ranges in price from $439-$789 depending on one’s end needs. Interpine Forestry Ltd is happy to work with any potential customer as to which option best suits their needs and can customize the software if required. The electronic caliper is optional, although it greatly enhances data entry, and we can suggest several models to choose from.

Once you have a Dataplus license it can be used to create a number of other small data collection modules for any part of your business including controlling deliveries using barcode scanning inputs.

Please contact Interpine to learn about the SEEDLING application, or any of the Dataplus applications designed for the NZ forest industry.