The government is providing landowners of eligible pre-1990 forest land with a one-off allocation of free NZ units (NZU’s – the unit of trade in the NZ ETS which represents 1 tonne of CO2 emissions).

The deadline for this allocation is 30 November 2011.

If you own an area of land that was planted in trees prior to 1990 and continues to have trees on the land today, you must get in quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on this allocation of up to 60 NZU/ha (for example at $20/NZU this is cash payment of ~$1200/ha).

This one off allocation is in recognition of the impact that ETS deforestation rules introduced on 1 Jan 2008, have had on land values.

This means there are no strings attached; if you do not register you will simply miss out.

On acceptance of your allocation you will receive immediately up to 23 NZU/ha, with the remaining 37 NZU/ha** up to the total 60 NZU transferred in 2013. There are 3 levels of units allocations:

Ownership Type Transferred immediately Transferred during 2013** Total Allocation of Units (NZU/ha)
Ownership arrangements unchanged since 31 Oct 2002. 23 37 60
Transferred landowner on or after 1 Nov 2002. 15 24 39
Crown forest license as of 1 Jan 2008. 7 11 18

**MAF has indicated that the credits to be allocated in 2013 may be scaled down, delayed or even cancelled.

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