PlotSafe has recently been updated for the Juniper Allegro 2 field computer by Silmetra. Interpine have been working with the new version of the well proven Juniper Allegro range since Dec 2014. Over this time our field staff have provided some feedback and working with Silmetra have recently updated PlotSafe with a few additional functions to better cater for this new device.

033015_0049_plotsafeupd1Figure 1 – The Interpine Allegro 2 running PlotSafe (note the return of the F1-F12 buttons at the top of the keyboard).

PlotSafe Improvements:

  • Function keys F1, F2, F3 etc. have been implemented as designed for the Allegro CE, CX devices with them acting as hot keys for navigating and functions. This fits the new keyboard layout with the function keys now being forefront across the top of the keypad. Use F4 to return a level or F5 to go down a level (see help for full list). This eliminates the need for the user to interact with the touch screen during normal use.
  • Some minor tweaking of user navigation.

This is now available for download from our website.