091510_0256_plotsafefor1Silmetra and Interpine Forestry have recently released PLOTSAFE version 1.2. after extensive testing of the beta version in the past 12 months. Over 2500 inventory plots have now been assessed using PLOTSAFE. The developers and the first clients for the product are pleased and excited by the advance PLOTSAFE brings to the critical data gathering stage of forest inventory and valuation.
PLOTSAFE has been made to run on a range of the WindowsCE and PocketPC devices now available, an advance on the DOS based inventory systems that have been the traditional norm.

In addition to this, the flexible and customisable nature of PLOTSAFE means it can be used for a range of purposes from pre-harvest forest inventory to planting quality control surveys.

Ability to Record Multiple Overlapping Stem Qualities

While PLOTSAFE can be used for things such as planting quality control or MARVL style single alpha (A-Z) cruising, the major advance in the system is being able to cruise tree stems with multiple overlapping qualities. Users no longer have to match a section of stem within a range of qualities (eg. N code = branches less than 7cm, straight D/4, scars <10% D, Fluting <5cm, spikes knots < 5cm, ovality less than 1.5x, butt flare <10cm, nodal <5cm). Instead they just call what they see and where it occurs on the tree. Feature classes can be separated in multiple “domains” (overlapping qualities).