As of 1 Sept 2011, MAF have now released the New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme Forest Measurement Approach (FMA). Participates can now register to apply for their sample locations, and begin to organise field measurement operations.

Interpine has been involved in the development of the FMA for the last 4 years, acting as an advisor through the Technical advisory group for MAF. Therefore we can provide expert advice on your obligations under the act and also implementation and data collection.

Interpine will be providing a tailored solution for forest owners wanting to plan and execute FMA across their forests. This can include all or some of the process from initial application and sample plot allocation, through to in field electronic data collection to the FMA standards, and handling the submission and process with MAF.

Some Key Questions for Forest Owners to Understand in Terms of the Forest Measurement Approach

How often will you need to get a forest survey measurement done ?

A forest survey (sample plots) will need to be measured once in every mandatory emissions return period (which is expected to be 5 years ongoing). The first period runs fro 1 Jan 2008 through to 31 December 2012.

Who needs to comply with the FMA ?

Any ETS Post-89 registered participate with greater than or equal to 100ha of forest in either exotic or indigenous cover. This also includes PFSI (permanent forest sink initiative) whose covenant requires the use of the methodology contained in the regulations).

How many sample plots are required ?

This is very dependent on the size of your forest and whether it is indigenous or exotic. The table below shows minimum requirements.

rea(ha) Minimum Number of Sample Plots
Exotic Indigenous
100 30 15
500 50 25
1000 64 32
2000 84 42
10000 200 100


Will there be yet another extra application cost with MAF ?

No, we are glad that MAF have agree to meet the cost of administrating the FMA. You will just need to meet the costs of establishing and completing the field survey of sample plots.

Find out more ?

Review the FMA Standard (PDF) from the MAF Website > Click Here

Review the Guide to the Field Measurement Approach from the MAF Website > Click Here

Review the MAF ETS Website explaining about the FMA Process > Click Here

More FAQ About the FMA on MAF website > Click Here

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