New Year, New Skills? Start using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV / Drones / RPAS) across the forestry, environmental, industrial and rural fire sectors. This 5-day Wings Badge course is a partnership between Massey University School of Aviation and Interpine Innovation to deliver industry-tailored training. The course is designed to get participants really thinking about UAVs / Drones in the airspace environment, awareness of other airspace users and most of all – safety, risk and best practices.

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This is a course designed for professionals wanting to take on the use of drones and provides ground-up experience and hands-on skills to operate drones safely within your own industry.

“This is an example of an industry sector doing things right and a model for others to follow, RPAS (UAV) training is key to the success of industry gaining and maintaining the benefits of this technology and the course is a must for all if we are to see long term safe adoption of these tools”
Mac MacCarthy, Civil Aviation Authority RPAS Team (attended Interpine industry training course)

We have had over 120 professionals come through our courses over the last 3 years.  They are all now using drones as a tool in their own workplace, time for you to become one of them.