Interpine Innovation helping New Zealand Predator Free 2050.   Monitoring of pests for the purposes of controlling or eradicating populations is a key component in management of wildlife sanctuary reserves throughout New Zealand. Interpine Innovation strives to not just apply drones within the Forest Industry.

This is an example of our drone team monitoring traps across the privately owned and operated wildlife reserve at the Cape Sanctuary in Hawkes Bay.  With the ability of drones to operate with zoom cameras and being able to navigate across the challenging terrain with ease, the manual task of checking and monitoring traps has evolved. The Pest Control Team are now able to monitor traps easily and quickly without the risk of placing staff in hazardous terrain. Trap management can now be enhanced to incorporate more traps due to the reduced monitoring costs, and trap placement has been rethought due to the ease of access using the drone platform. Data can be accessed quickly and managed remotely all the while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

If you would like to know more on this service, or would like get involved in using drones yourself for this type of operation; contact our team.   We have a “Fieldworker Fly Your Own Drone” program that includes supplying the drone as well as the training needed to operate it.