Interpine Forestry travelled to Porto Alegre in February 2000 to complete a MARVL Inventory for Boise Cascade Corporation.     Ten Interpine inventory teams working under project manager Bruce Hill completed the 6,075 hectare (15,000 acre) project in 27 days.     Local forestry staff were used as guides and field hands, and were introduced to New Zealand inventory practices, including the MARVL cruising system.

An excellent standard of GIS maps were available for the Eucalyptus globulus, regnans and saligna stands across a 200 square kilometre area.    Forest Research New Zealand were sub-contracted to develop several growth, volume and taper models for the project.

Boise Cascade was very happy with the data they received and with the spirit of those involved.    It was a unique experience for all involved, from snakes and scorpions to dangerous taxi drivers and nightclubs.

“Interpine did a brilliant job for us. They worked harder than I could have expected”
Bruce Ripley, Forester, Project Leader Boise Cascade Corporation (USA)