A forest manager or forest owner is often confronted with needing to manage risks found across their estate. It is important their staff when planning operations are aware of these risks. The Risk Manager within GeoMaster enables details about GIS based risk features (e.g. hazards, archaeological sites, environmentally sensitive areas, mountain bike trails, pipelines, powerlines, fences,  water supplies,  access ways etc.) to be recorded in GeoMaster so that users accessing affected areas in GeoMaster are made aware of any risks associated with those areas when planning events.


Figure 1 – A stand record showing associated spatially linked risks and hazards.

Specific GIS layers that contain risk information (as points, lines, or polygons) are registered using the GIS ATLAS Configuration tool within GeoMaster. On a periodic basis risk features can be overlaid with the forest patch and harvest setting layers, and intersecting forest patches and harvest settings are populated within GeoMaster with details of those risk features.

Operation planning reports can include and highlight risks associated with selected areas of the forest ensuring this information is also at hand of the people that need it.


GeoMaster cloud services provision by Interpine provides a solution to these problems with just a simple monthly fee structure. If you would more information on this please contact us via info@interpine.co.nz