For the past 18 years Interpine Forestry Ltd (IPF) has provided the forest industry with log value recovery services (LVR) beginning with the use of the FRI AVIS program to the now most widely used TIMBERTECH* audit tool. Interpine invested significant resources in the development of the TimberTech system and trained a number of highly skilled technicians. Chris Bridson has worked this system through all its development stages and is regarded by many as the most proficient and experienced LVR audit technician in New Zealand. Chris has also been used in other countries as an independent auditor on various logging operations and has an excellent breadth of knowledge and understanding of the value recovery aspects of log making.

The LVR audit market is small and highly specialised and IPF has come to an arrangement with Chris Bridson for buy this component of Interpines Services. IPF will still continue to support the process and Chris in this activity by acting as a contact point and in an advisory role for future process developments and system support.

The plan is to make the transition from IPF as the LVR service provider to Chris’s independently owned company. Any audits planned for December 2006 forward will be invoiced by Chris’s new company, Interpine LVR Ltd.

IPF management wish to express their thanks to all the clients we have worked with and provided services to over the past decade and we are confident Chris will continue to provide a professional and second to none service and we wish him all the best as he makes this significant step.

For any further inquiries or information please call our office or Chris directly on:

CHRIS BRIDSON mobile : 027 5777783 email : Click Here