Interpine is continuing to provide a pathway for the adoption and wider deployment of #DJI#MavicPro#Phantom4#UAV / #Drones, RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) to be a regular tool being used by our field foresters within our Forest #Industry here in New Zealand. This course allows you to get your UAV Civil Aviation Authority CAR 101 wings badge and certification together with basic flight competence and knowledge for ongoing craft maintenance. This Drone / RPAS / UAV course is run together with our Partners at Massey University School of Aviation.   

After successfully completing this course you will: 

  • Achieve basic flight competence, including operation and maintenance of DJI Phantom / Mavic / Spark type UAV systems 
  • Have received task training as a level 1 UAV operator (basic flight of small pro-consumer grade RPAS as a camera on a pole for inspection and observation work). 
  • Be able to identify threats to your operation and develop methods of mitigation 
  • Understand the conduct required to operate a UAV in accordance with aviation best practice 
  • Interpret the various aviation documents and regulations and be able to apply these to your operation 
  • Practice and comprehend aircraft radio telephony procedures and operations 
  • Achieve CAA UAV Multi-rotor Pilot Competence Certification “Wings Badge” 
  • Submit as evidence of training from a Part 141-M6 training organisation for an RPAS Part 102 Operator Certificate 

The course is led by Interpine and Massey University flight instructors. You will be assessed via a series of multi-choice and short answer questions, and flight testing using DJI mutli-rotor craft. 

Why do you need this course? 

The course is designed to get participants really thinking about UAV / Drones in the airspace environment, awareness of other airspace users and most of all – safety, risk and best practices in the rollout of drone technology within the forest industry and rural fire sectors.   Whether you’re managing company policy around drone implementation or a supervisor / harvest contractor wanting to get started using drones this course will ensure you get started on the right foot. 

 If you’re interested in future courses this year contact our team.  

Course Date: 1822 June 2018 

Course Location: Rotorua 

Course Costs: $2610 + GST for all 5 days including certification costs and lunches. 

Course Registration – contact