Interpine will be speaking at the upcoming HarvestTech 2015 conference run by FIEA the 24-25th June 2015. We will be reviewing some case studies of improving value recovery & production planning through near real-time data collection from harvester operations. This is based on the trials and adoption of the STICKS harvester information system from ForestPHD which is hosted by Interpine’s cloud service. STICKS is a reporting and woodflow management tool which provides an machine independent solution for forest managers, owners, log customers and harvest contractors for thje management of StanForD data downloaded and uploaded to mechanised harvesting machines. Jeremy Gibson from ForestPHD in Australia, and David Herries, Goetz Roth and Peter Auge from the Interpine team will be at the conference. To date the conference has over 300 registered delegates from around the world (as of 10 May 2015), so the event is being well supported by the forest industry.


(Image courtesy of FIEA, HarvestTech 2015)

What is HarvestTech 2015?

ForestTECH 2013 SOLD OUT three weeks before the event ran. Over 430 forestry managers, forest owners, harvest planners and harvesting contractors from throughout New Zealand, Australia, Chile and North America came into New Zealand to participate in this region’s first Steep Slope Wood Harvesting conference and Forest Industry Safety Summit. At the time it was the largest gathering of its type seen in this region. Because of the practical trials completed and range of new innovations that have been developed over the last two years – grapple-equipped hauler carriages, tethered “winch assist” machines, new wheeled harvesters, remote controlled mechanical tree felling – and the increasing focus on worker safety and communications – HarvestTECH 2015 is being run for Southern hemisphere forestry companies and contractors.

Come and see our team at HarvestTech 2015. For more information follow the links below:

Download the HarvestTech Programe here

Download the HarvestTech Event Brochure here


(Image courtesy of FIEA, HarvestTech 2015)