100710_2134_interpineus1With cyberspace (“the internet” or “world wide web”) now becoming part of our everyday lives even as foresters, it seems only sensible that we start using the internet to its true potential to help each other on a range of topics.   Often we are stumped how to get around an issue with some piece of software or hardware, or want to find out more about tricks to make life easier, often someone has already come across the same issue or question before so why not learn from them directly. Too often we find ourselves using customised software packages and we have only the helpdesk that can help us, and even with people changing with our own organisation information is often lost on how to get around even simple issues. With in mind Interpine has recently set up USER FORUM ONLINE, for people from any corner of the globe to discuss and help each other regarding a range of forestry topics.

What Topics are Available?

At this stage we have added categories such as PLOTSAFE, DATAPLUS PROFESSIONAL, and JUNINPER HANDHELD PC’s, but if a user or group of users would like to add further discussion groups, then just let us know and if it suits we can add this to our forums.

Moderating Forum Content

We will attempt to monitor as many message posts as we can or at least have a moderator for each forum in place to help with questions and responses. Although where forums have there advantage is that even other users can help you on solutions or answers to your questions.

Get Updates on Forum Activity!

As a user in the forum you can subscribe to a forum category or topic to get email updates of activity. Just click on the subscribe button on the far right of the screen.

Private Forestry Forums

If anyone would like to setup a forestry related private forum which only moderated users that your allow are able to access then Interpine would to discuss setting this up within our user forums.

Visit our user forum now


NOTE : Users that are currently provided with access to our clientzone are not automatically part of our user forums section. You will need to re-register your username within our forums to participate.

An online forum for users of PLOTSAFE, discussing various Domain Cruising templates, installation and use of PLOTSAFE .

General Questions on application development using DATAPLUS professional

An online forum for users of the Allegro Juniper handheld.