Interpine shows its commitment to the safety within its operations with the recent update of its accreditation for Tertiary Level ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) Worksafe Health & Safety Management System. Interpine’s most recent ACC audit procedure was completed in Jan 2012 with outstanding results.

The ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme strengthens Interpine’s existing health and safety systems. Having first joined the scheme at secondary level in 2007, Interpine has been at Tertiary level status since 2009.
The programme developed by ACC aims to:
  • works to reduce injuries
  • gives Interpine an externally audited, national safety framework to work to
  • proves our safety commitment to our staff
  • demonstrates Interpine’s commitment to customers, the business community and the public
  • rewards Interpine with ACC levy 20% discounts.

Some comments from the auditor:

“The employees appeared to have a sound knowledge of health and safety issues and displayed a strong commitment to reporting any concerns immediately and working in a safe environment. There was also a commitment to looking after each other, ensuring each other’s safety and addressing any issues with each other”

“The employee focus group members indicated that the company was prompt in following up on any issues deemed to be hazards that were raised by employees”

“A number of health and safety initiatives have been put in place since last audit and include the use of Skype communication for all the health and safety meetings to engage remote work stations, the change in colour of the hi-viz clothing from yellow to orange to be more visible in the forest, the upgrading of the vehicle fleet to the VW Amarok vehicles that have the highest safety rating possible for vehicles of this type, the introduction of SPOT GPS’s in all vehicles, and the change of seat covers in all vehicles designed for air bags. The company has also recently introduced a critical rules policy”acc_tertiary_2012-2014