As of April 1 2014, Interpine Forestry Ltd (Company ID 205505) has evolved into Interpine Group Ltd (Company ID 3077529). This move brings with it the establishment of Interpine Group Pty Ltd (ACN 152308300) in Australia, thus aligning our business entities both in New Zealand and Australia under one common entity name. Interpine has a long history of trading as Interpine Forestry Ltd since 1983, however as our Australian business has grown since 2009, Interpine look to establish a permanent business unit in Australia in 2014 and this alignment brings a new structure into place in New Zealand and Australia, and the retirement of Interpine Forestry Ltd.

This bring no changes to the ownership, operating, management or staffing of Interpine, and is a structural update to the company naming to ensure consistency for our clients and accounting practices. Interpine will continue trading with the common brand of “Interpine Innovation“, encompassing our long history and continued involvement being an innovation leader within the forest industry.

For our service suppliers and clients you will likely already had formal notification of these changes in the mail to you and we look forward to working with you if you have any concerns with the changeover. As the final accounts are settled for Interpine Forestry Ltd in the coming months this entity will be closed prior to 31 March 2015.   Our wider insurance policies include both of the new enitities and Interpine Forestry Ltd until being renewed on the 20 Feb 2015, when Interpine Forestry Ltd will be removed.   This will ensure all Forest Access Permits remain current.

If you have any queries or questions as it relates to this update please feel free to contact us.