Interpine is working closely with Halgof Sweden in 2012 to review the cost effectiveness of deployment of a range of Haglof forest mensuration equipment in NZ and Australia. Based in Northern Sweden, Haglof has been developing and building professional measurement equipment for the forest industry world-wide for many years.

Many foresters around the world have become very familiar with the Haglof Vertex, which has become the industry standard worldwide for measuring accurate heights, distance and horizontal distance in the field. With its ultra-sonic measuring system, the Vertex is perfect to use in the forest to provide accurate readings in even the thickest undergrowth.

Interpine on behalf of the NZ and Australian forest industry will be conducting a range of field trials and work studies around forest inventory measurement techniques, looking at optimisations in both productivity and accuracy using some of the newest technology available from Haglof Sweden. This will also include some integration with our software products like PlotSafe.


If you would like to keep in touch with developments feel free to contact us.