091510_0341_intechcalip1Interpine found a real need for a better way of measuring branch size during forest inventory. It is one stem feature which is still very much an eye-omitter classification which can have a big effect on any valuation of the standing resource. This is particularly highlighted when cruisers move between different forests or regions. Over time we observe slippage in cruiser estimation of branch size during our internal audit system. This is evident in even our most experienced cruisers with over 10-15 years experience.
Common issues were often :

091510_0341_intechcalip2“In tight stocking small branching stands, even a 7cm branch looks big!”

“In a rough heavy branching stand sometimes that big branch 12cm branch could be placed in a 10cm class as it doesn’t look that different from the rest !”

“When auditing inventory work, both internal and external auditors have needed to rely of their best judgment and a good level of tolerance in branch assessment by the production cruisers”

Interpine saw a need and developed the INTECH-CALIPERS, a new and simple way of measuring branches up the viewable standing tree. Based on a parallel pair of lasers mounted on a vernier calliper this allows accurate branch classification through 60-70% of the standing stem length.

Training days in the past have had to rely on someone climbing the tree to get branch measurements to use as a test against the field cruisers, the INTECH-CALIPER allows cruisers to calibrate themselves at any time to ensure they are correctly assessing branch size. 091510_0341_intechcalip3

Trials have shown that cruisers will generally estimate branches to within a +/- 2cm classification. However with the INTECH-CALIPERS it was shown that the spread of branch size measurement was not only far less but within +/-4mm of the actual. This can have a considerable effect especially when deriving the difference between 6.5cm or 8cm branch, as the $/m3 of the different respective log grades can be and often is quite significant.

If you would like further information or would like to purchase a INTECH-CALIPER please contact us.