Our team have been working across industries with the deployment of drones / UAV’s for industrial inspection.   Drones are an effective way of getting visual reports from places where it is difficult to place humans.   A recent example is the assessment of the internal tanks, where a drone is flown into tight spaces and internal fittings are assessed without the need for humans to operate in confirmed space.    Within a few minutes stakeholders are able to get a risk assessment if further maintenance work is required.    As a CAA Part 102 certificated organisation safety and risk management is core to our drone operations, and it is also to our clients.   Using the drone removes humans from where is it costly, difficult and often risky for them to reach, and while the safe operating of the drone is carefully assessed it is undeniably a safety focused approach to industrial site inspection.

Drone inspection of the internal heating elements of pulp digester tanks at Pulping Facilities in New Zealand.   Drones fitted with lighting and high resolution cameras fly with protected cages around their propellers to work in confirmed spaces and reach places which would otherwise take time, risk and expense to reach.

Pulp Digester Tank Inspection Using Drones

And the resulting investigation of missing fixing’s within the tanks interior.

Pulp Digester Tank Inspection Using Drones

Example of as built inspections on new equipment, with our RTK DJI Matrice 210 operates in challenging environments where magnetic interference are a concern, while also providing for precise flight operations.

Industrial Inspections Using Drones

If you would like to see how drones can be applied at your industry site, get in contact with our UAV / Drone operations team, we have a qualified Mechanical Engineer in our team whom help you understand the benefits of drones on your industrial site.